AG Luther Strange is running for Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat, Governor Bentley CAN NOT appoint him…

This race is apparently going to be pretty good…. Folks are saying they will run for this seat even if they are not appointed, that is ballsy.

Attorney General Luther Strange is the latest

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange will run for the Senate to succeed Jeff Sessions, according to reports.

Unfortunately for Strange, Bentley can not appoint him, even if he wants to.

Strange appears to know this…

Strange told the Weekly Standard he is not seeking to be be appointed to fill the Senate vacancy created by Sessions, president-elect Donald Trump’s pick for U.S. Attorney General. He will, however, run in the midterm special election that will likely be held in 2018. If Gov. Robert Bentley appointed him to replace Sessions, however, Strange said he would accept the post.

“I think this is the right thing for me to do,” Strange told the Weekly Standard, pointing to similarities between his views and Sessions’ on immigration and energy policy.

Strange has stopped a State Legislature impeachment committee to investigate the Governor’s office

Strange, in his letter to Jones, dated today, wrote that it would be “prudent and beneficial to delay the work of the House Judiciary Committee.”

“I respectfully request that the Committee cease active interviews and investigation until I am able to report to you that the necessary related work of my office has been completed,” Strange wrote.

What if Bentley appoints him? Then Bentley gets to appoint his replacement too.

That’s right, Bentley gets to replace the guy who will be investigating him.

No way Bentley does that. But…

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