The University of Alabama is SUPER racist… -White Superman

Someone should do something about this…

Why are these Universities so racist?

Truth to power, bro!

It’s enshrined into our buildings. It’s scratched into sidewalks across campus. It’s reinforced every time you lack the courage to properly discipline students for racist actions. It’s in every brushstroke of the painting you hung in the lobby of the library. It’s in the leases of the greek mansions you build and allow to be segregated. The list goes on. And on. As long as the University’s history.

“Has been removed.” Please.

What is this about?

Now, more than ever, you need to be better. We’ve elected a bigoted, misogynistic, nativist as president–a man who has the endorsement of the Klan, who has white nationalists in his cabinet, who courts and condones hate and violence in his supporters (of which we’ve seen over two hundred manifestationssince Tuesday, across the country and on campus). Our festering tensions with race, gender, sexuality, religion, tacitly condoned by your permissive culture, will metastasize. If ever there was a time to redeem morality of the “West Point of the Confederacy,” the setting for the “stand in the schoolhouse door” and its sequel fifty years later, that time is now.

Oh, so this is about Trump?

You actively invest in white safe spaces. From greek life to student government, where students use “The Machine” to disenfranchise large portions of the student body and as a springboard into state politics, the scaffolding supports whiteness.

Scaffolding support whiteness…

What do you want?

Its ninth demand is that the University provides a permanent safe space for students of color in the Ferguson Student Center.

Its tenth demand is that the University increases the number of black faculty and staff by the 2017-18 school year.

Safe space & stuff.


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