Is Trump REQUIRED to sell off his company? No. To place it in a blind trust? No.

This concern trolling is the most clear thing you need to read on this recent “scandal” over Trump having meetings and the media pouting about it.

Unless Congress acts swiftly to force Donald Trump to divest his businesses, the only thing standing in the way of what could be the most corrupt governmentin our history is his word.

“Unless Congress acts”

Meaning, there is no law that requires him to.

We may all agree that he SHOULD but he is not required.

Currently, there is no law that would prevent Trump from using the Oval Office to enrich himself and his family. The ethics laws that most government officials must obey, which require divestiture of any assets that could create a potential conflict of interest, don’t apply to the president, the vice president or members of Congress.

Not required and a history lesson only shows how this is complicated here…

In the past, presidential conflicts haven’t been a problem. Ever since Watergate, presidents have voluntarily placed their wealth into blind trusts or have put their money into plain-vanilla investments such as cash, bonds and mutual funds to reassure the public that the actions they take as president aren’t self-aggrandizing.

Also, does the media have a single clue what a blind trust is? No.

“You typically cannot simply transfer existing assets into a blind trust,” Kiernan told Forbes. The assets would first need to be liquidated

It’s a 10 billion dollar company, you can’t just liquidate it.

I’ve summed all of this up here:

They can’t stand it.

It’s true though.

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