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No Rebekah Mason is not headed back to Montgomery

A spokeswoman for Gov. Robert Bentley denied a rumor Thursday afternoon that his administration had hired Rebekah Mason, a former top aide who stepped down following a scandal that arose after a recording of lewd remarks Bentley made to her went public.

“She has not been rehired by the Bentley Administration since her resignation, and there are no plans to hire her,” Bentley spokeswoman Yasamie August told via email.

August refused to expand on that answer in a one-sentence follow-up email.

“Again, she has not been rehired by the Bentley Administration in any capacity since her resignation, and there are no plans to hire her,” she wrote.

This all seems very clear. She’s not coming back.

Bentley should have just answered the question instead of getting upset with a reporter

IF he is considering hiring her, Bentley is insane.

Cheap guns?

Special session coming?

Chief Muncy finally resigns from Madison PD…

A fitting end to an embarrassing story in Madison County?

Is this over? Doubt it.

Safe spaces demanded in Massachuttes…

Meanwhile, a Maryland Superintendent tells kids to shut up and stay in class…

Birmingham looks at cutting checks to it’s citizens…

Will other cities follow? Of course they will…

The states will not overturn the Electoral College…

Indians willing to negotiate over gambling

Poarch Creek Vice Chairman Robert McGhee spoke to Gov. Robert Bentley’s new gambling advisory council.

“We’ve always been here and just ready to do that if that’s the will of the state and the will of the people,” McGhee said. “It’s got to be mutually beneficial.”

The Poarch Creeks operate electronic bingo casinos in Atmore, Wetumpka and Montgomery. The tribe is authorized to offer electronic bingo in Alabama under federal law. The state collects no tax revenue on the games and does not regulate the casinos.

The Poarch Creeks would need to enter a compact with the state to offer slot machines and table games like blackjack, roulette and craps.

Under a compact, the state could share in the revenue from the expanded offerings.

The tribe has been on record for some time in saying it is interested in such an arrangement. It also is interested in a fourth location in north Alabama.

Bentley appointed the advisory council last month to study state and federal gambling laws, tax revenues and other issues associated with gambling.

The 11-member group will present findings and recommendations to the governor and the Legislature by Jan. 31.

Toll roads fail in Baldwin…

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