You won’t believe how Trump is like Hitler now!

I’m scared

According to “The Third Reich In Power” by Richard Evans, Hitler was already wealthy on his own, so in an effort to promote a false sense of nationalism that he could use to his favor to get people to stand with him, he took no salary.

“… it was clear that Hitler had little use for the modest salary of 45,000 Reichsmarks he earned as Reich Chancellor, or for the annual expense allowance of 18,000 Reichsmarks; early in his Chancellorship, therefore, he publicly renounced both salary and allowance in a propagandistic gesture designed to advertise the spirit of selfless dedication in which he ruled the country.”


“When the Munich tax office reminded him in 1934 that he had never paid any income tax and now owed them more than $400,000 Reichsmarks in arrears, pressure was brought to bear on the tactless officials and before long they had agreed to write off the whole sum and destroy all the files on Hitler’s tax affairs into the bargain.”

These people are comical.

I guess all of this makes Gov. Robert Bentley like Hitler too!


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