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A Trump presidency is going to be really hard on liberal institutions. It might be time to cut their funding…

It’s been hard for these snowflakes since day 1:

They are hypocrites.

Even Twitter has rushed to protect their feelings…

Now they want campuses to be “safe spaces” for illegals?

They are complete serious

Harvard students are now petitioning, not only for their school to protect undocumented immigrants, but for the school to devote resources to hiring new staff members to assist them. According to the Harvard Crimson student newspaper, the petition, which has gained thousands of signatures since Monday, seeks the hiring of a new Assistant Dean of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to replace the previous one who left the school in October. It also calls for establishing a new office to help undocumented students. ”

“We need action that demonstrates this University’s dedication to concretely support all of its students, regardless of their immigration status,” the petition says. In addition to faculty support, the petition demands that a campus church be used as a refuge for undocumented immigrants seeking to avoid deportation.

University spokesperson David Cameron said in a statement, “Harvard’s policies have supported all our students at both the college and professional schools to make certain they can fully participate in, and access all, that Harvard has to offer … We are following developments in Washington closely and will be engaged in these core issues.”

Harvard is not alone. At Yale, more than two thousand students and faculty members signed a letter asking for the campus to be made a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

If this happens these campuses will descend in to madness and I love that…

IF they try this in Alabama, we should DEMAND a cessation of state funds to these institutions.

An Iowa lawmaker has started down this path.

SF already fears this…

Mayor Ed Lee and San Francisco politicians are bracing for what President-elect Donald Trump lists as one of his main priorities: blocking “all federal funding” for sanctuary cities.

Hundreds of cities around the country have sanctuary policies, which broadly means local officials limit their cooperation with federal immigration authorities to turn over immigrants living in the country without documentation. The scope and degree of those policies vary, and San Francisco has some of the most stringent noncompliance policies in the country.

Should Trump follow through on his stated intention, it could have a major and immediate impact on the city of San Francisco, which receives around $1 billion annually from the federal government, according to city Controller Ben Rosenfield

What Alabama lawmaker will be first to threaten this same action in Alabama?


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