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They still can’t accept 2016…

It’s happening!

At least they aren’t walking out like they are in other states.

I like this guys plan…

Walkouts are fine. Writing Trump on the board? That is a paddling…

Sanctuary cities will continue…

Obama vs. Hillary is happening too!

Give Trump a chance…

Of course the ObamaCare repeal is racist!

2,000 jobs and clean energy?

The numbers can dazzle: 2,000 permanent, high-paying jobs and up to another 4,000 temporary construction jobs.

That’s the plan spelled out Monday by Nuclear Holdings LLC after submitting the winning bid of $111 million for mothballed Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in northeast Alabama.

Located in Hollywood, less than 10 minutes northeast of Scottsboro in Jackson County, Bellefonte has long teased the region of economic prosperity with its two giant cooling towers dominating the horizon. But that prosperity has never been realized because the plant, which began construction in the 1970s, has never been finished.

Now there is another plan, another reason for hope for an economically-struggling community that needs the promise of that to ultimately be realized.

“It’s kind of a believe-it-when-I-see-it thing,” Scottsboro Mayor Melton Potter told “But this is a positive step, I think.”

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