#LockHimUp: Nick Saban must be stopped.

He says he voted absentee…

Terrible person and plagiarist Kyle Whitmire doesn’t think he was allowed to…

Only 13 states don’t allow unexcused absentee voting, one of those being Alabama.

If Saban wanted to vote absentee because he was going to be overwhelmed with work that day, that’s fine by me. But if it’s good enough for Saban, it should be good enough for you. If we are going to give football coaches that opportunity, we should give it to everybody.

So far, however, our lawmakers have shown no interest in making voting easier or more convenient. They’d rather make it harder, no matter if that puts us behind the rest of the country, again.

Because in Alabama, we’re number one, but only in football.

If we are going to put him away, do it before the SEC Championship please.


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