Alabama schools are hitting your kids for writing “Trump”…


The father of an eighth-grade Childersburg boy said his son was paddled at school for writing “Trump” on the blackboard, and he’s livid.

“I don’t think you ought to be punished for writing the president’s name,” Troy Stephenson told “Yeah, I’m pretty mad.”

As he should be, they wanted them to discuss the election UNTIL Trump won…

By the time his wife arrived, the young teen had already been paddled by Assistant Principal Chad Bynum, Stephenson said. Alabama is one of just 15 states with a state law that explicitly allows for corporal punishment. Another 29 states specifically ban the practice.

For two weeks leading up to the Nov. 8 election, Stephenson said, the students had been given homework assignments to watch election coverage and study the process. It’s only natural, he said, that the students would continue those discussions after the election results came in. “You piqued their interest, and then when the candidate you wanted to win didn’t win, you want it hush-hush,” he said. “That’s what it looks like to me.”


I don’t often call for people to be fired, whoever paddled this kid should be fired.


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