“Mostly peaceful” means NOT peaceful…

The media fraud continues…

Call these what they are… riots.

Over the course of the evening, “anarchists” in the crowd threw objects at officers, vandalized local businesses and damaged cars, Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson said.

Police publicly declared a “riot” due to “extensive criminal and dangerous behavior” and called the protest “unlawful,” according to posts on the department’s Twitter page.

The crowd was dispersed using “less lethal munitions” and at least 26 protesters were arrested, police said.

When Trump was thought to be losing, the media DEMANDED he accept the results.

This same media pretended his supporters were violent monsters waiting to strike, not they make excuses.

Now they are mad at Trump…

Now we need to pretend people are under assault and SCARED….

Several Muslim women have reported Trump supporters attempting to rip off their hijabs, which cover the hair, while others said their families have advised them to stop wearing headscarves in fear of further attacks.

Maha Abdul Gawad said she was shopping in a local Wallmart on Wednesday when another woman approached, pulled off her hijab and said: “This is not allowed anymore, so go hang yourself with it around your neck not on your head.”

Numerous incidents were also reported in schools, with students saying Muslim girls had taken off their hijabs to avoid abuse or had them forcibly removed, and teachers describing comforting crying children afraid their families would be deported.

Mackenzie Rae, from Washington, shared a message she received from a friend who works at a high school in Kansas on Wednesday.

It said: “We have two kids wearing Trump shirts pull a hijab off a Muslim girl today at school. OSS [out-of-school suspension] for five days.

We will find out these are all fabricated.

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