If you want MORE taxes, ask local communities to approve them because the Alabama Legislature isn’t doing it…

More whining about Gov. Bentley, accurately saying Alabama’s education system sucks…

Of course, they undercut their point by pointing out that he is right…

This is where Bentley needs reminding that he inherited an education system that’s suffered from its worst ills — under-funding, awful test scores in many of the rural and low-income counties — for decades, or more. Six years into this regrettable Bentley era, what’s changed? If we are to believe the governor, nothing has changed. Alabama’s education system, he says, sucks.

So they agree?

Solution? More money.

That’s lawmakers’ fault. They could change that. Instead, they hide behind claims that there is no statewide support for tax increases to propel public schools into America’s top 10. We think Alabamians deserve better than that.

Is there any support for higher taxes?

Actually there is, it’s on the local level where taxes are regularly increased for schools.

Sometimes they fail..

Sometimes they are reaffirmed.

This is what these Editorial Boards should be calling for because the Alabama Legislature is not going to raise taxes for this. It is not going to happen.

Lastly, the best part…

None of that, however, reaches the level of absurdity of Bentley’s comments themselves. His broad umbrella of a statement — the entire state system is terrible — paints thousands of stellar educators with the nasty tinge of incompetence. It’s unfair, and it’s wrong. If the system is so awful, why is Piedmont’s system so heralded in the use of technology? Why do Oxford and Jacksonville’s systems have outstanding reputations? Bentley owes them, and others, an apology.

He did not say a word about the educators, he spoke of the results of the systems as a whole. They agree and then they attack him.



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