The media should stop whining about Trump pointing out that the system is rigged… It is.

It’s pretty insane if you think about it. It was rigged, it was rigged to get Trump in to the primary and now they are destroying him.

This is clear…

This is what Clinton wanted…

According to an email from Marissa Astor, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook’s assistant, to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, the campaign knew Trump was going to run, and pushed his legitimacy as a candidate. WikiLeaks’ release shows that it was seen as in Clinton’s best interest to run against Trump in the general election. The memo, sent to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) also reveals the DNC and Clinton campaign were strategizing on behalf of their candidate at the very beginning of the primaries. “We think our goals mirror those of the DNC,” stated the memo, attached to the email under the title “muddying the waters.”

The memo named Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson as wanted candidates. “We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to them seriously,” the memo noted.

Clinton was widely presumed to be the Democratic presidential nominee long before the primaries began. This assumption was held by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party leadership. Expecting Clinton to be the nominee, theDNC and Clinton campaign developed strategies for the general election.

People think it is rigged because the media has declared they can’t be unbiased anymore and are now on the all out assault against Trump and for Clinton, always has been pro-Clinton….

On another note: It’s amusing to hear those on the left saying we can’t declare elections rigged because it “tears at the foundation of our democracy” or some garbage.

This is especially galling considering these guys bleated about the 2000 election for years.

Actually, they were talking about this until they started whining abut Trump’s whining.they do realize we remember the last 16 years, right?

Hell, Hillary had a rally where people were chanting about it last week… (She is standing right there)

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