Martha Roby is a Craven Coward – by Taxpayer Tom

Now would be a good time to recall the words of Lincoln at Cooper Union, “… persisting in a charge which one does not know to be true, is simply malicious slander.”

Within hours of learning of an 11 year old audio tape of Donald Trump talking with media personality Billy Bush, US Representative Martha Roby (R, AL2) announced she would not be voting for Trump, the nominee of her party for US president.

The Bush – Trump tape of lewd talk was released on October 7, 2016 to set the stage for a series of salacious allegations by more than a dozen women of bad behavior by Trump, allegations which cannot be proven, allegations for which the time to possibly disprove before the election is too short, allegations which could have been made before the primary elections but which were purposely withheld for an October surprise, allegations which are clearly part of a campaign of malicious slander.

Lewd language in public by prominent persons is rampant in 21st Century America. Sadly, tawdry behavior is tolerated and encouraged by the elites of our society.  For example, the first lady of the United States has hosted rappers and other performers in her home, stars notorious for lewd acts and lyrics. Although I did not like it, given the current low standard for public conduct, it is difficult for me to be outraged by the Bush – Trump tape and I am off-put by self-righteous hypocrites who now claim to be grossed out by words said long ago in private.

The attacks on Trump for lewd language and the allegations against him of sexual assault and harassment are crap, but sex sells and Democrats and their media allies know it. The truthiness of the allegations is merely emotion unsupported by evidence, facts, logic, or intellectual examination, allegations whose credibility is not improved by repetition by multiple accusers.

As Lincoln said, it is malicious slander to persist in charges not known to be true. I condemn Roby for so quickly renouncing Donald Trump without the necessary intellectual examination of the charges. She appears to be contemptibly fainthearted and a “useful idiot” supporting a scurrilous Democrat campaign tactic.

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