Congresswoman Martha Roby is not the bad guy here…

Apparently, not supporting Trump gets you uninvited from Republican functions

U.S. Rep. Martha Roby was scheduled to speak to the Pike County Republican Women (PCRW) this month, but that changed shortly after Roby publicly withdrew her support from presidential nominee Donald Trump.

PCRW President Shirley Reddoch explained why the group decided to switch speakers.

The reasons are idiotic…

“The Pike County Republican Women have always had a good relationship with Congressman Roby,” Reddoch said. “We’ve had a lot of negative comments about her coming out in opposition to Donald Trump and the potty mouth that he had.”

Potty mouth?

He talked about grabbing girls’ in the “pussy”… He has now been accused by more than a dozen women of inappropriately touching them.

Roby, and anyone with sense,  knows that was the moment this campaign was done, even the most die-hard Trump supporters know this…

Her statement was made after videos surfaced in which Trump was recording making lewd comments about groping women during a 2005 interview. Roby was among numerous GOP officials and party leaders throughout the country who said they would not vote for Trump in the wake of the revelations.

“That was her opinion, but we felt it was in our best interest and in her best interest that she doesn’t come to speak,” Reddoch said. “Her opinion is hers, but we just wish she had kept silent.”

That’s right, stay silent when you see a train-wreck coming, Congresswoman.

It is amazing to watch the former moralists on the right (which I am hardly one) sell their positions out to support the worst Presidential candidate of their lifetimes.

Protect the party over principle? That’s pathetic. The worst part is that none of this matters, this election is over. So all these people demanding party purity are doing so for absolutely no reason.

Trump will lose, Trump will cost Congressmen and Senators seats that would not have been lost before.

There is no future with Trump.


Alabama Federation of Republican Women’s Frances Taylor thinks there is…

There is not.

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