This IS NOT sexual harassment. Sometimes a stupid Facebook post is just a stupid Facebook post…

A local TV station actually covered this story…

Here is what the post said

Most of you complaining about Trump would love for him to talk to you promiscuously. You don’t have to admit it. You are settling for some nobody talking this way to you now. You’d love for The Donald to just look your way.

Here is what it is not, sexual harassment…

Apparently, “that’s not good enough”.

McLaney says that’s not good enough, however.

“They’re not just words. They’re powerful,” she said. “And choosing to use those particular words in a public forum on Facebook, you know I don’t feel sorry for him. I think that he owes us an apology. I feel he owes women an apology.”

Wilson said he had nothing for which he should apologize.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that sexual harassment “does not have to be of a sexual nature… and can include offensive remarks about a person’s sex.” The EEOC also says, “it is illegal to harass a woman by making offensive comments about women in general.”

This reporter wrote a story about a Facebook post because some people got mad about it.

And these 8-dollar-an-hour C+ J-school grads wonder why no one takes them seriously?


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