Gov. Bentley is right, he’s not as terrible as Donald Trump. He should still stop talking about it…

The Governor can’t stop talking

The governor paused and then addressed the issue head on, including a reference to his own well-publicized, tape recording of the governor speaking in explicit terms to his former top political advisor Rebekah Mason.

“I said, ‘you know, you know they’re going to mock me, and they’re going to make fun of me,’ because honestly I said something a few years ago I shouldn’t have said, all right and I admit that … ,” Bentley said.

But, he’s right… His behavior,.while creepy as hell, was all consensual.

He said there’s no comparison with Trump.

“I don’t have a pattern of being derogatory and degrading women,” Bentley said. “I don’t have a pattern ever, of degrading those who are disabled, those who have cerebral palsy, those who are not of the same color that I am.

“I just don’t have that attitude and I don’t think the leader of this country ought to have that attitude.”

A lot of us feel the same way about the leader of this state but he is fighting to hang on.

Which leads me to this question: How can you want Bentley gone, while fully supporting Donald Trump?

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