Remember: There is no such thing as in-person voter fraud…

Let me make this simple for you…

  • Democrats benefit from voter fraud
  • Republicans are hurt by voter fraud

View everything through that prism and you will understand opposition Voter ID laws…

A hidden camera captured a conversation with Alan Schulkin, New York City Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections, where the commissioner railed against voter fraud, claiming that in minority neighborhoods people vote multiple times from different polling locations. “They bus them around,” Schulkin said about certain neighborhoods. “They put them in a bus and go poll site to poll site.” When asked what kind of neighborhoods, Schulkin first said, “I don’t want to say,” but when goaded by the interviewer, who suggested black and Hispanic areas, Schulkin added, “and Chinese too.”

When asked why people organize such efforts, Schulkin said it was for “More votes for themselves. They’re all running for office,” implying that candidates themselves are gathering minorities to vote for them over and over.

This is not shocking at all.

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