Dear Governor Bentley, Shut it.

A terrible guy is not voting for a terrible guy because the other terrible guy was busted the exact same way the first terrible guy was busted, the only difference is Bentley’s indiscretions were consensual.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley released a statement on Saturday saying he would not vote for Donald Trump for president.

Bentley’s announcement came after the release of the 2005 video that included crude comments from Trump about women.

Alabama’s Republican governor also made it clear he would not vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Asked today who will be getting the governor’s vote, Press Secretary Yasamie August said that’s still to be determined.

“At this time he is undecided how he will vote,” August said.

Why is he even making these statements? Does he think this helps him in anyway? Is there no one in his office saying, “You know what Gov., maybe you take a pass on this one.”

Just shut it.

You have other stuff going on…




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