Trump is the spawn of a feckless GOP Congress – Taxpayer Tom


Among the reasons to be disappointed with the Republican Party is the feckless performance of the GOP led Congress. For example, this year, the GOP House of Representatives did not approve a budget resolution and it has passed only 5 of the 12 appropriations bills. None of the appropriations bills have become law.

Instead of doing the job, we get continuing resolutions or all of the spending bills packaged into a single omnibus appropriations bill, and these are always filled with pork that would not be approved if the budget process was followed.

For six years we have heard the GOP excuses – we only control the House, we do not control the senate, blocking by senate democrats and RINOs, threats of presidential vetoes.

And because the GOP congress has done nothing and because it has reneged on promises (like making ObamaCare apply to congress, like ignoring the Budget Control Act of 2011), we get Trump.

If Clinton is elected we will get 4 more years of the same. With Trump we would have had a chance for progress, and he would be no more than second most lewd person to have lived in the White House.

Obviously, as most are, this election is to be decided on personality and that will not be good for the USA.

The blame for this is owned by many. But as the pusillanimous leaders of the party, Mo Brooks and his fellow congress critters own much more of it than most.

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