Alabama columnist loses column, his Twitter followers then provide the reason why…

Josh Moon is a schmuck. Period.

But he was a schmuck I would have loved to get on the radio, he was too sensitive to do so. The few interaction we had on air ended the same, him with his feelings hurt.

He is wrong about almost everything, but somehow thought he was smarter than everyone else.

But here is what probably did him in, he wrote like he hates Alabama and it’s citizens. He generally came across as someone that hates living where he lives and would gladly leave given the chance.

He genuinely thought his readers and fellow Alabamians would agree with him, if only they weren’t so stupid and BIGOTED.

Reporter/Columnist for the Montgomery Advertiser. The sarcasm is heavy here. The ignorance is not. Official Namer of Bigots.

Calling people racist is fun, I guess.

Not anymore.

Don’t take my word for it, read his followers and see what they think…

Atta boys on Twitter don’t pay the bills.

This is my favorite stupid comment…

None of that is true.

Or see what his fellow media malcontents think…

Group. Think.

I wish him the best and apparently he will remain at the Montgomery Advertiser in some capacity, I guess need someone to take out the trash,

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