Nick Saban & Rep. Garrett give some perspective on the coverage of dumb UA kids sitting down during the Anthem

You would think these kids are changing the world…

They are not.

The protest style of Colin Kaepernick that has swept across the NFL has made its way to the Yellowhammer State. On Saturday, approximately 20 to 25 students sat during the Million Dollar Band’s rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” before The University of Alabama’s homecoming football game.

According to a report published in Monday’s edition of UA’s student newspaper The Crimson White, the protest was organized via GroupMe by a few students desiring to stand up against “racial injustice.”

“People are misinformed on the intent of the protest, but there are injustices in this country that we cannot ignore. Myself being an African-American student, I am very much a witness and victim to racial injustices,” Michael Coates, student protestor, told The Crimson White.

The protestors stood for the MDB’s usual pregame performance, but sat down for the national anthem. They proceeded to stand again for the playing of the school’s Alma Mater. Most of the protestors wore black outfits, and a few wore shirts reading “Black Lives Matter”

They are doing nothing.

State Representative Danny Garrett nails it…

You know photojournalists were hanging around the student section HOPING this would happen.

Alabama’s Coach Saban has a great take as well…

God luck, Coach… None of these people know what they want.

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