Bentley’s “gambling commission” is a completely irrelevant story. Lawlessness continues…

They will accomplish nothing.

Gov. Robert Bentley this afternoon announced he is creating an advisory council on gambling to try to resolve ongoing disagreements over electronic bingo and other issues.

Bentley said the council will present findings and recommendations to him, Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh and House Speaker Mac McCutcheon by January 1.

Bentley said he believes voters must have a say in clarifying gambling laws in Alabama through a proposed constitutional amendment presented by the Legislature.

He did not say what that should include.

They will pass nothing.

Fix the budget, gambling will not save this state from it’s issues.

To further drive home how feckless this guy is, he stated that the local municipalities can do whatever they want on clearly illegal gambling…

The governor also stressed a point he first made last year — that sheriffs and district attorneys should lead the way on enforcing gambling laws in their counties, as opposed to the state leading enforcement.

The governor said he would not be initiating any raids on casinos using electronic bingo machines.

What a loser.

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