Alabama needs to kill Alabama’s Alcoholic Beverage Control board immediately…

This is moronic stuff

For some reason, ABC has recently begun a series of anti-small business efforts and it’s really disappointing to see that,” said Chad Emerson, president and CEO of Downtown Huntsville Inc.

The reasoning is completely insane.

He said, “If the table is on the sidewalk, there is no way to monitor who is coming and going. You could have a person who is over served or an underage minor sit down and take a drink from someone because there is no way to monitor that.”

It gets better…

The state ABC recently added 16 civilian compliance specialists who are charged with inspecting alcohol license holders, giving it new ability to check compliance with laws that might previously have been overlooked.

This will hurt local business and serves ZERO purpose.

Add this insanity to this other attempt by ABC to grab customer info from breweries and I give you ample reason to shut this board down…

On Wednesday, the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board rejected a potential rule change that would have given regulators the power to demand the names, phone numbers, addresses, and ages for all customers buying beer for off-premise consumption from Alabama Brewers. However, the board still determined that a state law regulating manufacturers requires that brewers record the names and addresses of buyers for tax audit purposes.

Sen. Bill Holtzclaw (R-Madison) said that he would be willing to change the current law to carve out an exception to the collection rule for brewers. He noted that most breweries do not solely act as manufacturers, but also as retailers.

“It’s clear to me that it’s a manufacturer issue, which is where it needs to reside, and we’re capturing the name and address of who the manufacturer is selling to,” Holtzclaw told “But when that manufacturer, that brewer, takes off his manufacturer’s hat and puts on a retailer’s hat is what we’ve created and where this needs to be addressed.

Customers cried foul at the potential invasion of privacy by the ABC, and industry leaders described the potential government interference as a “logistical nightmare.” The Alabama Brewers Guild, composed of over two dozen breweries and pubs from around the state, said collecting the data would be an administrative disaster that could lead to easy breaches in personal information.

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