No one cares what is on the Charlotte tape, show him shooting a cop and MAYBE we would accept it…

“Release the tape” we screamed!

NOT RELEASING the tape allows people to fill in the gaps with whatever they want and this is exactly what is happening here.


They did.

Two tapes were released actually…

One was a tape by Keith Scott’s wife, where she repeated tells him to to comply and to not do what he was doing.

The next tape was the tape from the Charlotte PD and because it does not show the man raising a gun and proclaiming, “I, Keith Scott, have a desire to shoot law enforcement, there are many in the media is implying the shoot could still be bad…

CNN Alisyn Camerota calls it “unsatisfying”..

Which totally happened.

Let’s be real.

  • The cops believed Keith Scott had a gun.
  • The cops repeatedly tell him to drop his gun
  • Keith Scott did not comply
  • Cops found a gun on the scene

Sure, maybe the cops screamed “drop the gun” as part of a plan to kill Keith Scott for some reason. Because that is the only other scenario on the table.

The narrative that there was no gun scene on these videos make no sense, that’s not the only evidence here and people pushing that don’t care about the facts one bit.

Some other facts that should matter but don’t…

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