’s John Archibald should release his taxes and show that he isn’t “greedy”…’s John Archibald goes all in against Lowe’s…

So it turns out Lowe’s is a greedy, sneaky, opportunistic corporation.


Let’s build some ill-will together.

They want their stores revalued in Alabama and elsewhere, to save a gazillion dollars in taxes by arguing – with an implied threat to cut and run – that their stores really aren’t worth beans. They want them valued as if they were empty shells.

And Alabama state and county officials are up in arms, worried about losing $1.5 million every year if the do-it-yourself weasels do it their way. If Lowe’s succeeds at getting these tax breaks, everyone else will try to do the same, they say.


There’ll be no end to the greed.

Why can’t he get his readers to help him fix state budgets by paying more taxes?

Why are they so GREEDY!?

This is not a joke, I have done this before…

Ok liberals, You want higher taxes? Put your money where your mouth is… 

It kinda worked


A liberal actually put their money where their mouth was and proved me wrong

That makes one liberal. One.

I will follow through and write my check for 50 bucks.

Just to be clear: I did more to bring down the federal debt than President Obama or Bush did in 10 years.

Interesting information on this voluntary debt reduction account…

The most up to date numbers they have are:

2010 – $2.8 million was donated

2011 – “Around” $600,000 has been donated so far this year.

Our contribution? $976.23

You. Are. Welcome.

Let’s do it!

PLEDGE: For every one Archibald’s readers who writes a check for $500+ to the Alabama Treasury, I will write check for $50 bucks, maxing out at $1000.

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