Release the freakin’ tape…

Scenario 1: The officials in Tulsa released the tape in an officer involved shooting, it doesn’t look good for the police and the officer has been charged.

No riots.

Scenario 2: They have, so far, refused to release the tape in Charlotte and because of that we get multiple different stories

Hours after North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) declared a state of emergency and the National Guard and state troopers moved in, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney resisted calls to release video footage of a police shooting that sparked intense protests in this city.

Family members of Keith Lamont Scott have asked to view video of his shooting and that authorities are trying to accommodate them, Putney said. Attorneys for the relatives said they planned to watch it later in the day.

One of the attorneys, Justin Bamberg, said during an afternoon news conference that Scott’s wife, Rakeyia Scott, witnessed her husband’s death.

“It’s my understanding that his wife saw him get shot and killed,” Bamberg said. “That’s something that she will never, ever forget.”

Putney suggested that his department has no imminent plans to release the video footage to the public, and the Scott family’s attorneys made no promises to reveal its contents once they had seen it.

“Transparency is in the eye of the beholder,” Putney told reporters. “If you think I’m saying we should display a victim’s worst day for public consumption, that is not the transparency I’m speaking of.”

Here is your result.

Multiple police cameras captured what happened on Tuesday, when Scott stepped out of his car and was shot dead by a police officer. And it’s at least possible that those videos might help answer a sharply disputed question: What was Scott holding before he died?

For now, without the footage, there are two incompatible stories.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said Wednesday that Scott was armed with a gun and ignored orders to drop it:

“The officers gave loud, clear verbal commands, which were also heard by many of the witnesses. They were instructing the subject, once he got out of the vehicle, to drop the weapon. In spite of the verbal commands Mr. Scott exited his vehicle armed with a handgun as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. He stepped out, posing a threat to the officers, and officer Brentley Vinson subsequently fired his weapon, striking the subject.”

Police say they recovered a weapon at the scene and that witnesses corroborate the officers’ accounts.

But Scott’s family has said he did not have a weapon — that he was sitting in his car reading a book. Reporter Tom Bullock of member station WFAE went to the apartment complex and spoke with witnesses. He reports that their accounts back up the Scott family’s description:

“One person that I spoke with … says that she actually saw the shooting and here’s how she described it: ‘That man had a book. I saw it when it fell off his lap when he got out of the car to hold his hands up to show the police that he didn’t have nothing. It fell off his lap right there in the middle of the street.’ …

“Others said that this was pretty common, that [Scott] would sit waiting for his son at a bus stop … and would often have a book. All of the residents that I spoke with say that they just did not see a gun.”

This makes zero sense, the citizens deserve to see the tape of this shooting AND if the shoot is a good shoot as it appear there is no reason not to.

NOT RELEASING the tape allows people to fill in the gaps with whatever they want and this is exactly what is happening here.


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