Nick Saban is the highest paid public employee in the country AND he deserves every penny…

Long live Nick Saban….

Highest paid public employee in each state

  1. Nick Saban, University of Alabama football coach, Alabama – $7.09 million
  2. Jim Harbaugh, University of Michigan football coach, Michigan – $7 million
  3. John Calipari, University of Kentucky basketball coach, Kentucky – $6.88 million
  4. Urban Meyer, Ohio State University football coach, Ohio – $5.86 million
  5. Bob Stoops, University of Oklahoma football coach, Oklahoma – $5.86 million
  6. Charlie Strong, University of Texas football coach, Texas – $5.16 million
  7. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State University football coach, Florida – $5.15 million
  8. Sean Miller, University of Arizona basketball coach, Arizona – $4.95 million
  9. Bill Self, Kansas University basketball coach, Kansas – $4.94 million
  10. James Franklin, Penn State University football coach, Pennsylvania – $4.4 million

Leada Gore pretends that DMV workers and Saban are the same…

What people often forget, however, is that Saban is a public employee, just like someone who works at the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Alabama Forestry Department. Those DMV workers aren’t paid like a coach, of course.

Why? Because there are tons of them and anyone can do that job?

How many can do this?

During the nine years Saban has served as head football coach, Alabama has compiled an overall official record of 101 [a]–18 (.849) (106–18 on the field), seven bowl game appearances with five victories, a share of five SEC Western Division titles, four SEC championships, and four national championships.

He’s well worth it…

Alabama football generated a record-breaking $95 million in revenue in the 2015 national championship season with a profit of almost $47 million. That’s a pretty good return even if you factor in the almost $7 million per year Saban is paid to coach the Crimson Tide.

More importantly


— 48 percent: Growth in revenue from 2008 to 2015 which works out to a $30.9 million bump. It was $64.3 million back then and $95.1 million in 2015.

— 75.9 percent: Growth in expenses for football in the span. It was $27.6 million and now it’s $48.6 million.

— $53.3 million: The largest profit for Alabama football was made in 2014. It was down to $46.5 million in 2015.

— 7,433 percent: Growth of Alabama endowment investment income (from $11,136 to $8.9 million).

— 8.3 percent: The percentage of Alabama football revenue that makes up the total of Alabama basketball’s. The football revenue ($95.1 million) is 11.6 times bigger than basketball ($12.8 million).

— 40.1 percent: Increase in football ticket revenue from 2008-15. (Bryant-Denny Stadium was expanded by 9,683 seats and 34 luxury boxes in 2010)

People will still gripe….

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