Clever HS kids cause butthurt with “TRUMP THE TIGERS” sign…’s reporter whines in the lede…

Did Briarwood Christian endorse Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy during Friday’s home football game vs. Fairfield?

This is great


Of course, they had to apologize because it hurt people’s feelings…

Fairfield City Schools Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin said he learned about the banner and Trump references today.

“No one has given (or) filed an official complaint, but I have heard from some of the parents who felt it was disrespectful and they were wondering the intent of the sign,” Gonsoulin said.


“Briarwood Christian School desires to publicly apologize for any understandable offense caused by the sign used during a recent football game,” the e-mail said. “The message of the sign did not represent the school’s deep commitment to biblical principles and values, nor did it reflect our commitment to honoring and respecting our guests. Our existing policies were not followed effectively and appropriate measures will be taken to correct this. Above all we desire to seek forgiveness of any who were offended.”


Briarwood Christian won Friday’s game, winning 27-0.

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