The Polish Hammer bails on Huntsville, not sure I blame him…


His fiance is Karen Lee, CEO of Pinnacle Schools, an alternative placement school that handles discipline problems for Huntsville City Schools. Pinnacle has had a contract with the system since 2012.

The contract was under consideration for modification tomorrow, said school board president Laurie McCaulley.

“Earlier this summer Ms. Lee and I began dating,” said Wardynski at the press conference. “I have talked to ethics attorneys and I shared with responsible authorities with the school system when I felt that it was an issue.

“It’s my intention to marry Ms. Lee in December and have a life.”

Why really?

Are we sure this has nothing to do with 2 Wardynski-backers getting crushed in the most recent elections?

Last month, two outspoken critics of Wardynski — Michelle Watkins and Pam Hill — were elected to the Huntsville School Board.

“I’m not going in to fight the board or the superintendent,” Hill told after the election. “I can work with anyone who puts students first. But I will always fight for the students.”

She said the exact opposite during her campaign and her backers expect the exact opposite.

Back to the pending marriage, much will be implied about what happened with Pinnacle and the city of Huntsville.

Wardynski’s wife passed in 2015 and Pinnacle’s contract started in 2012, good luck making hay there.

He said there was no current conflict of interest because state ethics laws apply to relatives, not dating relationships.

“As a superintendent, it’s always important to be above reproach,” he said. “So I’m always cognizant of those sorts of things. It’s not an issue today and it won’t be an issue. But if I was to marry Ms. Lee while I was superintendent it could become an issue. So that would be a problem.”

This is a big loss for Huntsville.


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