Squatting + aliases + foreign money + forgery + Redstone Arsenal security badge + terrorism concerns = LET THEM GO?

Did Huntsville just dodge the bullet on a terrorist attack?

A bizarre case of people squatting in a Huntsville home worth almost a half-million dollars has been connected with possible terrorism, the Madison County sheriff’s department said Wednesday.

The FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have been brought into the investigation, Capt. Michael Salomonsky said at a midday news conference.

Salomonsky said deputies were serving eviction papers at the house in an upscale west Huntsville neighborhood and noticed items within the house that led they to believe identity fraud may be taking place.


The terrorism connection, Salomonsky said, emerged because foreign currency – including from Iran and Iraq – was recovered at the residence, money was moved into overseas accounts and at least one of the suspects was believed to have possibly traveled to the Middle East.


It’s possible that even their names were aliases, Salomonsky said, but one indisputable piece of identification to law enforcement are the suspects’ fingerprints, which were taken when they were arrested.

A Redstone Arsenal identification badge was also recovered at the house at 5 Elm Ridge Boulevard but investigators got confirmation on Wednesday that the badge was legitimate and not a forgery, Salomonsky said.

Believe it or not, these guys were released and have no idea where they are…

The case has been ongoing for more than a month – the eviction papers were served Aug. 9, Salomonsky said – and though two of the suspects were arrested that day and subsequently bonded out of jail, Salomonsky said law enforcement has “absolutely no idea” where they are now.


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