Conservatism is dead…

Trump’s free childcare plan is terrible, Hillary’s will always be plugged as bigger and better, but that’s OK with Rush…

What exactly does that debate sound like?

But this episode has given ammo to all the conservatives who have been opposed to Trump from the beginning. They’ve been saying, “You guys, you’re falling for it! This guy’s not one of us. He’s not a conservative. He’s a Big Government guy, and you are gonna get fooled.” Now they’re saying, “See?  We told you,” with this proposal.  But a lot of Trump supporters aren’t going to care because the ideology and the politics, they don’t meet up here; they don’t care.

Nothing matters.

One other aspect of Trump’s proposal here.  You could also say that what it is is a manipulation of the tax code, a manipulation of existing programs to the benefit of people who at present do not benefit.  This is why I think politically this thing is gonna be a home run.  I think you’re gonna have a lot of people who have concluded that the government is involved.  The argument over small government, nonexistent government, they’re way beyond that.  They’re looking at who the government’s helping and who isn’t being helped.

Home run. Just win.

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