When we mix sports and politics, we are all losers…

The pointless and directionless sitkneel/fist-gate is still going on and I have no clue what it will take for Kaepernick and his band of morons to stand at attention for the flag, which proves the “protest” has no purpose.

All it has accomplished so far is Brandon Marshall lost some endorsements…

…and the conversation embarrassed Randy Moss and the morons on all sides of the issue on ESPN’s Sumday Countdown…

BUT to their credit, this was one of few shows on ESPN where there wasn’t competitive agreement about how brave Kaepernick and company were. So there is that.
Fear not, Social Justice Warriors, you get a victory this week too…

Everyone gets something! How many transgender NCAA athletic fans are there?

Feel better?


Good, you are still a loser, we all are.

Give us back our sports and leave the political battles to Cable News and Talk Radio.

Sports are an escape, we should not need to see a box score to see who used what bathroom or position they were in when our National Anthem was played.

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