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North Korea continues to march forward with it’s nuke program….

While our super-strong leader does something…

The media is now demanding you point out what a great leader Obama is

After Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin ― who has censored journalists and artists critical of him anddiscriminated against the LGBT community ― for being a better leader than President Barack Obama, his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) on Thursday stood by Trump.

“I think it’s inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country,” the GOP vice presidential nomineetold CNN. “And that’s going to change the day that Donald Trump becomes president.”

At an NBC forum on national security held Wednesday, Trump said of Putin, whom he has frequently lauded: “Certainly, in that system, he’s been a leader, far more than our president has been a leader.”

Pence on Thursday clarified that Trump was not advocating for a dictatorship like Putin’s.

“Donald Trump said last night he doesn’t particularly like the system,” he said.

Other Republicans also came to Trump’s defense.

“America’s dominance in the world has retreated because of the policies, direct orders of Barack Obama, and that has allowed Putin to be more robust,” Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) told MSNBC. “But if you’re a Russian looking at this thing, you’re going to think Barack Obama is weak, Putin is strong. I want a president that I see as strong and one sitting across, maybe, the chess board with Putin that I think he has a chance of winning. I don’t think anybody thinks Obama wins in that today.”

But top Republicans on Capitol Hill distanced themselves from Trump’s remarks. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) stated firmly that “Vladimir Putin is an aggressor that does not share our interests.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), the former GOP presidential candidate who is now supporting Trump, similarly affirmed that the GOP nominee was wrong.

“Look, I have tremendous policy disagreements with President Obama, but Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian thug who is accountable to no one,” Rubio told the Guardian. “I don’t think what Vladimir Putin exhibits is leadership. I think what he exhibits is thuggery … and we should be clear-eyed about that.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a longtime Trump critic, appeared mystified that Trump would celebrate “a thug and an autocratic dictator.”

Alabama is not completely out of the woods yet on Medicaid…

The media is fixated on extracting an apology from Donald Trump over birtherism…

Why don’t they keep demanding Hillary admit she sent classified material?

Media is now actively trying to kill the story…

Female pro(?) soccer player’s stupid protest circumvented by the guy paying the bills

Punctuated by lightning, rainstorms, and a stunning first goal by Crystal Dunn, Wednesday night’s match-up between the Washington Spirit and Seattle Reign at Maureen Hendricks Field had huge implications for the National Women’s Soccer League playoffs.

But after both teams were unexpectedly and purposefully kept in the locker room while the national anthem was played on the field — and after Spirit and owner Bill Lynch released a scathing statement explaining the decision was intended to prevent Reign star Megan Rapinoe from “hijacking our organization’s event” by taking a knee during the national anthem as a way to protest the state of race relations in the country — it’s clear the repercussions of the game are far more wide-reaching.

“It’s fucking unbelievable,” Rapinoe said after the Reign’s 2–1 loss, when asked about Lynch’s move. “I’m saddened by it.”

She was far from the only one who felt that way.

NWSL commissioner Jeff Plush happened to be in attendance on Wednesday night and said he had “no idea” about the Spirit’s decision beforehand.

“No, I don’t support it,” a clearly flustered Plush told ThinkProgress during the second half of the game. “I’m disappointed by it. I didn’t know about it. It’s an emotional topic and I’m trying to be open-minded. It’s all very fresh.”

And then there is this…

This is real.

Aleppo story is complete BS

“What is Aleppo?”

That was Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s response when he was asked Thursday about the major Syrian city – and epicenter of that nation’s long-raging civil war — on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Johnson continued to fumble this relatively predictable foreign policy question, turning an opportunity to get positive media attention into a potentially costly gaffe.


Neiher Trump nor Clinton NOR any of the anchors feigning offense to this had a clue what Aleppos was…

It’s impossible to know just yet if this misstep will hurt Johnson in the polls. Voters who are just tuning in to the election might see it and decide he isn’t a serious candidate. Or his gap in foreign policy knowledge could be overshadowed by the cacophony of the rest of the political news cycle and fail to make a dent in his modest numbers. But either way, it’s worth asking whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would gain more if Johnson were to implode as a result or even just slowly fade.

The RealClearPolitics polling averages suggest that Johnson may be taking slightly more of his support from Clinton than Trump. In the two-way-race average of national polls (no third parties included) Clinton leads Trump by 2.8 percentage points. But when Johnson is included, her lead drops to 2.1 points. Clinton also leads Trump by 2.1 points when Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are included.

The cross-tabs of some recent polls suggest Johnson is taking support from both candidates. For example, a recent YouGov survey shows that 9 percent of self-identified Republicans support the former New Mexico governor. Trump may now want to target those voters. The poll also shows that 18 percent of registered voters under age 30 favor Johnson. Young voters are often more ideologically liberal than older ones, which might make them a target for the Clinton campaign.

Complete fabrication.

“Hey Gary Johnson, this is what Aleppo is and this is why it matters.” -A person who also had no clue what Aleppo was.

BEIRUT — People who live in the Syrian city of Aleppo confirmed Thursday that they haven’t …

Hey, Gary Johnson, This Is What Aleppo Is

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Real issues remain…



Everyone is a victim.

A bakery refused to bake a Donald Trump cake, no one died or was sued…

Congrats to Downtown Huntsville’s newspaper boxes, they won an award…

As if the Wal-Mart 9/11 Coke display wasn’t bad enough…

Ummmm… Gross….

We now have this…

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