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Terrible job by the legislature…


Courts must be gerrymandered, just like the legislature… Because that is working wonderfully.

Terrible candidates gave us a taste of what we will get over the next 2 months…

Donald Trump and the Iraq War

Donald Trump asserted during the forum that “I was totally against the war in Iraq.”

But Mr. Trump said in a 2002 interview with the radio host Howard Stern that he favored the invasion.

“Are you for invading Iraq?” Mr. Stern asked in the interview, according to audio discovered by the website BuzzFeed.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Mr. Trump replied, adding, “I wish the first time it was done correctly,” in reference to the initial Persian Gulf invasion led by the elder President George Bush.



Hillary Clinton and Classified Emails

At one point, Mrs. Clinton became involved in a pointed discussion with Matt Lauer, the moderator, over her handling of classified emails. Mrs. Clinton defended herself by saying, “None of the emails sent or received by me had such a header” marking them as classified.

In saying this, Mrs. Clinton offered a variation on the explanation she has repeatedly given about whether classified information passed through her private email server. Rather than saying she never “sent or received” classified information, Mrs. Clinton was making a distinction about how they were marked classified, with a small notation of a “C” on them, or with a larger, more visible header marking them as such.

The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, declared in a July 5 news conference that a “very small number” of Mrs. Clinton’s correspondence bore the markings indicating classified information, contradicting Mrs. Clinton’s earlier claim. But Mr. Comey said in his testimony to the House Oversight Committee that those emails were not properly labeled with the header Mrs. Clinton made reference to on Wednesday.


I did my own FACT CHECK…


They are both right.

Too soon.

Trump again calls for more high-skilled immigration…

We do not need this. It makes no sense.



ITT Tech is/was a scam

The sudden closure of ITT Technical Institute has left tens of thousands of students wondering if their time spent at the for-profit school was a waste, leaving them with nothing but debt and worthless college credits.

No, your credits will not transfer to a real school.

Aside from student loans, the other big question is what happens to the credits earned by students attending ITT. The Education Department said students – especially those close to graduating – may be able to transfer their credits to another institution.

On its own website, however, ITT cautioned it was “unlikely that any credits earned at the school will be transferable to or accepted by any institution other than an ITT Technical Institute.”

ITT’s website includes a list of articulation agreements with schools that accept its credits towards degrees. In the past, credits were able to be transferred to other ITT locations but since those are closing that’s no longer possible. There are other for-profit schools that accept ITT credits but many of those – such as the nation’s largest for-profit school the University of Phoenix – have been under fire for the same practices as ITT.

Yes, you are an idiot.

For some reason, we will pay for your mistakes…

Government officials said many of the students who are using federal loans to attend ITT will be eligible to have those debts discharged. You can see more information on that process here.

The Education Department is offering a series of national webinars designed for ITT students on Sept. 7 at 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m. EST. You can access the webinar link here.

Shouldn’t herpes have a stigma?

Ella Dawson expected to find a Netflix bill in her Brooklyn mailbox. She discovered instead a letter from Hillary Clinton. The 24-year-old blogger, who writes often about living with genital herpes, figured it was a standard campaign mailer. She once donated $50 to Clinton.

She tore open the envelope. She froze. Did the Democratic presidential candidate, one of the most famous figures on the planet, just thank her for talking about sexually transmitted infections on the Internet?

“I am so grateful to you for not only speaking out against the stigma,” Clinton wrote, “but for also taking a courageous stand against the ridiculous, but very real, barrage of hate you received online.”

What are we doing?

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