Terrible bill passes the Alabama Legislature and accomplishes NOTHING. Terrorists win.

Here is what they did…

The compromise settlement will take the state’s settlement share as a single $639 million lump sum. $400 million of that will go to pay outstanding debts which, combined with money from Gov. Robert Bentley and $15 million given directly to the program from settlement, should leave the agency with the extra $85 million it says it needs to maintain services in 2017. The bill also allocates $105 million to the program in 2018.

The agreement would also allocate $120 million for road projects in Mobile and Baldwin counties. That was and continues to be a point of dispute between a combination of north Alabama legislators and Senate Democrats, who pushed for a higher debt payment to free more long-term money for the Medicaid program, and south Alabama legislators, who said their region needed the money after bearing the brunt of the damage from the oil spill.

Here is why they did it.

The significant margins – 87 to 9 in the House and 22 to 8 in the Senate – were notable a day after the coastal Alabama legislators concerned with road money and north Alabama senators determined to increase debt payments both appeared ready to end the session if the legislation did not satisfy them. But there was a sense from many in both chambers that they would not get any other deal that could address the pressing Medicaid problem and satisfy looming debts.

Terrorists win.

Here is what they fixed.


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