Now that Clinton is slipping, some in the media are saying the polls are wrong…

How do we know Clinton is in trouble?

cnn poll msnbcRemember CNN’s poll today showing Donald Trump 2 points ahead of Hillary Clinton? Well, Chuck Todd“unskewed” it on MSNBC today.

“Unskewing” polls has been more of a trend on the right in the past few years. In 2012, some pollsters––most infamously Dick Morris––infamously “unskewed” results to show Mitt Romney was ahead.

Well, Todd today explained that CNN’s new poll “assumes a lot of things… an electorate we’ve never seen before.”

He said whites without a college degree made up half the sample, when in 2008 they were only a little over a third of the electorate.

And when you adjust the sample accordingly… take a wild guess who ends up leading.

“Your numbers may not be wrong,” Todd said, “but your weighing may be. Your assumption. So the CNN folks assumed an electorate that is not an impossible scenario for Trump, but it would be an historic shift if it occurred.”

This is amazing…

The MSM have been, rightly mocking, Trump supporters for the ridiculous “the polls are wrong” garbage, now look at them…

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