Why is Big Luther worried about ethics reform? by Taxpayer Tom

Representative Mike Ball (R, HD10, Madison) has called for a study group to examine changes needed to improve Alabama ethics laws. A similar effort in 2012 examined campaign finance and resulted in a number of notable reforms including an electronic reporting for PAC’s and candidates and a searchable electronic data base of their finance reports.

But Attorney General Luther Strange says,

I am strongly opposed to Rep. Mike Ball’s idea of a commission to review Alabama’s ethics law. The whole point of such a commission would be to undermine the law… Alabamians want our ethics laws enforced, not gutted.

I cannot see how an open review of Alabama’s ethics law to prepare for the 2017 regular session of the state legislature would undermine or gut anything. Indeed, the similar 2012 effort has led to great improvement in Alabama’s campaign finance law.
I do want our ethics laws enforced. I have made a dozen complaints to AG Strange and have heard squat from him on any of them.

Taxpayer Tom is waiting for enforcement. Why is Luther Strange waiting?

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