Why does the Alabama ethics commission exist?

They green-light absurd deals

A state ethics panel will reconsider whether a member of the Public Service Commission can lease land to a solar energy company that in turn would sell electricity back to a power company regulated by the PSC.

Public Service Commissioner Chip Beeker asked for the opinion regarding the potential lease on his pasture land for the solar generation facility. The Alabama Ethics Commission deadlocked on the matter this month.

And are constantly having to reevaluate what they are doing

The Alabama Ethics Commission on Thursday will reconsider whether a member of the Public Service Commission could lease land to a company that planned to sell solar-generated electricity to Alabama Power Company, which the PSC regulates.

The advisory opinion is one of five the commission is scheduled to consider at a special meeting called to address a backlog of opinion requests.

Four weeks ago, the Ethics Commission deadlocked on whether to adopt the commission staff’s recommended advisory opinion.

The staff recommended that Public Service Commissioner Chip Beeker could not lease property to Coronal Development Group, which was lining up potential leases in anticipation of a request for proposals for solar-generated electricity from Alabama Power.

This should be a no-brainer.

Let me help: No, you can’t, or at least should not. do business with a company you regulate.

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