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Clinton got busted lying. Again.

Americans hate her.

Hillary Clinton hit her stride after the Democratic National Convention, riding to a double-digit lead over Donald Trump in some national and swing-state polls — her highest of the year.

As of today, though, Americans’ views of her just hit a record low.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows 41 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of Clinton, while 56 percent have an unfavorable one.

That’s the worst image Clinton has had in her quarter-century in national public life. Her previous low favorable rating this year was in July, when it was 42 percent, lower than any mark in historical Post-ABC polls except a few points in the 1990s when a large share of the public had no opinion of her. Her previous high for unfavorable views was in June, when 55 percent disliked Clinton.

FBI about to put out info on why they didn’t charge her…

New questions emerge…

More scandals…

So how does Trump respond to this news?

By going to Mexico…

The Trump campaign did not respond to repeated requests for comment. However, Josh Green, a reporter for Bloomberg News, said Trump would be accompanied on the trip by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and Alabama senator Jeff Sessions.

By continuing his shift/non-shift dance on immigration…

Bright side…

Apple is paying the taxes it is legally required to do…

This is “outrageous” to some..

At the heart of the matter are tax arrangements that helped Apple pay an ultra-low rate of just 4 per cent on nearly $200bn of foreign profits it has earned over the past 10 years.

Apple’s lightly-taxed foreign cash mountain is the biggest of any US multinational.

The $187bn it held outside the US in 2015 accounts for a big share of the $1.2tn that US multinationals have parked offshore, in the hope that US tax reform will eventually cut the cost of repatriating the profits.

So far, Apple’s foreign profits have been lightly taxed.

What is the commission’s complaint? Why was Apple’s Irish arm so important?

About 90 per cent of Apple’s foreign profits are earned by Irish subsidiaries, which are highly profitable because they hold rights to Apple’s intellectual property.

But these Irish entities paid little tax because they were not tax resident anywhere — a structure that exploited differences between the US and Irish definitions of residence.

The European Commission is targeting the arrangement on the grounds that it gave Apple an undue tax advantage that distorted competition. It alleges this amounted to illegal state aid, a breach of the EU’s unique restrictions on state support to companies.

While it builds on similar commission tax decisions recently served against deals for Starbucks in the Netherlands and Fiat in Luxembourg, the Apple case is by far the biggest and most significant.

What is Apple’s position on the investigation?

EU investigators have examined how Apple paid a tax rate of less than 1 per cent on European sales in some years. But the company insists it pays every cent of tax owed in every jurisdiction.

The establishment wins…


Can this help Trump?


Wednesday, August 31
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein Economist/YouGov Clinton 42, Trump 37, Johnson 7, Stein 3 Clinton +5
North Carolina: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein Emerson Clinton 43, Trump 45, Johnson 8, Stein 2 Trump +2
North Carolina Senate – Burr vs. Ross Emerson Burr 45, Ross 41 Burr +4
President Obama Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 48, Disapprove 49 Disapprove +1
Congressional Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 10, Disapprove 69 Disapprove +59
Direction of Country Economist/YouGov Right Direction 27, Wrong Track 65 Wrong Track +38
Tuesday, August 30
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein PPP (D) Clinton 42, Trump 37, Johnson 6, Stein 4 Clinton +5
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein NBC News/SM Clinton 41, Trump 37, Johnson 11, Stein 5 Clinton +4
Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein Monmouth Clinton 48, Trump 40, Johnson 6, Stein 1 Clinton +8
Pennsylvania Senate – Toomey vs. McGinty Monmouth* McGinty 45, Toomey 41 McGinty +4
President Obama Job Approval PPP (D) Approve 50, Disapprove 46 Approve +4
President Obama Job Approval Gallup Approve 51, Disapprove 44 Approve +7
President Obama Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 49, Disapprove 50 Disapprove +1

Does he want to win?

Alabama ethics commission is generally worthless…

Just say you hate America and get it over with…

No, there are not clowns luring people in to the woods in South Carolina…

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