What has Rush Limbaugh done? (Bonus: Flashback to 2012 after Romney’s loss)

Amazing piece written by John Ziegler about Rush’s admitting he never believed Trump on immigration…

Some are calling BS on Rush…

Reminder: Rush said something similar in 2012

On Monday’s installment of his show, Rush Limbaughhit back at those attributing part of the Mitt Romney‘s election loss on, among other things, talk radio. Criticizing the GOP “ruling class,” Limbaugh also argued that the media and Democrats will ensure that Republicans are not perceived as “pro-Latino.”

“Just as I predicted, ladies and gentlemen,” Limbaugh began, “this election was lost because of your host, Rush Limbaugh. I am the primary reason.”

“There are others, but I’m the primary reason the Republican Party lost,” he continued. “And I am, by the way, the primary reason the Republican Party will keep losing, until I am denounced by the Republican Party.”

He went on to talk about the “ruling class” of the Republican party. “We, the country class, are not in the ruling class,” he said. “We’re the problem.”

As an example, he pointed to Steve Schmidt‘s recent remarks, wherein he said Republicans need “zero tolerance with the terrible tone that’s coming out of the talk radio universe and some of our leaders in Congress who are serially disrespectful to this fastest-growing demographic in the country.”

Additionally, he argued that Democrats aren’t exactly looking out for the GOP’s best interests when they offer up advice. To that point, he asked Republicans a question: “Do you really think that the Democrat Party will ever allow you Republicans to be seen as pro-Latino and pro-immigration?” (Hint: no.)

All it takes is one person — be it an elected official or a talk radio host — “disagreeing with the direction the party is taking, and the Democrats and the media will focus on that person and say, ‘See? The Republicans really are anti-immigrant!’”

“The Democrats will always come up with a position that tests the Republicans’ limit,” Limbaugh said. “They’ll always find some extreme position that the Republicans just can’t agree with in order to be able to claim the Republicans are anti-female, anti-woman, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant.”

This is confidence shattering stuff.

General Election Rush vs. Primary Rush vs. 2012 Rush


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