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Trump continuing shift: He comes around to a position that is somewhat reasonable but completely against where he started…

This is not a shift, it is a lie.

Huma sex scandal breaks the same day another Huma scandal breaks?

I am not a conspiracy guy but the Weiner/Abedin marriage was probably toast since he has been sexting with random women since 2011.

Maybe Hillary convinced her to stay for political reason like she did but this latest revelation is awfully convenient.


Is America really against D.C.?

The Alabama Legislature didn’t follow their own rules, so now your local laws are all going to go away…

The problem lies in a procedural motion known as a budget isolation resolution, or BIR. Under a constitutional amendment that went into effect in 1984, the Legislature must make passage of the state’s two budgets “paramount,” and cannot consider any other piece of legislation without a BIR until after passage of the budgets. According to the amendment, a BIR requires the “three-fifths of a quorum” of members present.

The budgets are lengthy documents involving complicated negotiations that rarely pass until late in a legislative session. In practice, almost every piece of legislation must win BIR approval before winning general approval. For decades, the House has been operating under a rule saying that a BIR needs passage by “three-fifths of members voting and present.”

The difference between the amendment and the House rule played a key role in a lawsuit brought last year to stop a law allow a sales tax intended to pay for school construction in Jefferson County to other items. Opponents argued that the BIR on the bill – which passed with 13 yeas, 3 nays and 35 abstentions – fell short of the 32 votes needed if a quorum of 53 members was present. Supporters said that the House rule only required 16 members to be present and that the 13 votes were enough to get the BIR through.

Jefferson County Circuit Judge Michael Graffeo ruled last December that the Constitution’s stricter language controlled the issue and that since the sales tax bill passed without three-fifths of a quorum of members present, the law was invalid.

Alabama’s latest made-up school issue is about the incoming Superintendent’s law license being suspended…

Polling. Blood. Bath.

UntitledToomey and Portman are out-polling Trump by 10+

More Kaepernicks exist, unfortunately they are cowards…

Madden 17 wants some…


Don’t worry guys, Trump won’t get shot in Chicago…

I would make a similar pledge to Obama/Clinton about visiting HSV but we all know how that ends up. Another AG visit

So people told rude jokes to someone OK with them telling rude jokes at a place where people tell rude jokes….

College is scawwy!

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