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Colin Kaepernick is a jerk….

San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Sunday defended his decision not to stand for the national anthem at a game two days earlier, saying he is protesting on behalf of people oppressed because of their race.

“This country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all — and it’s not happening for all right now,” Kaepernick said.

Kaepernick did not stand as the national anthem played before a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. The move sparked criticism, and some fans posted videos of themselves burning Kaepernick jerseys and other apparel.


Kaepernick said “police brutality” was one of the reasons he sat during the anthem.

“This is because I’m seeing things happen to people that don’t have a voice, people that don’t have a platform to talk and have their voices heard and effect change,” the quarterback said. “So I’m in a position where I can do that, and I’m going to do that for people that can’t.”

The 49ers in a statement called the national anthem a “special part of the pre-game ceremony” and “an opportunity to honor our country and reflect on the great liberties we are afforded as its citizens,” but said it respects the right of an individual not to participate.

But he isn’t doing anything but embarrassing himself…

He wants to be a martyr and some in the media will help him.

Who is infringing on @Kaepernick7? Not the NFL, not the 49ers, not the networks, not the government… Who?

I find myself completely agreeing with Trump today…

Then there is this…

Some truth to this…


Saturday, August 27
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
President Obama Job Approval Gallup Approve 51, Disapprove 43 Approve +8
Friday, August 26
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Florida: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein Mason-Dixon Clinton 44, Trump 42, Johnson 6, Stein 2 Clinton +2
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein Gravis Clinton 42, Trump 41, Johnson 4, Stein 1 Clinton +1
President Obama Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 50, Disapprove 49 Approve +1

My life…

Imagine this was a husband of a Trump aide…

Now imagine if this was a statement made about Obama/Clinton…

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