Lottery vote was based on a false choice: Gambling or a Medicaid shortfall (UPDATE: They choose neither)

UPDATE: It died again.


It passed.

It’s garbage.

Legislators and a Governor who ran against a lottery took the easy way out.

Again, the argument is that this is about Medicaid. It’s not.

The Alabama Medicaid Agency comes up $85 million short of its budget request in the 2017 budget passed by lawmakers earlier this year, and Medicaid officials have warned of cuts to the program. Bentley’s lottery proposal wouldn’t generate money in time to solve that problem, but a separate bill, using money from the BP oil spill settlement, could tide the budget over while a lottery is being set up.

Remember what Bentley said about this issue…

This foxes nothing BUT it will, if passed, get these legislators passed 2018’s elections. Budgetary issues still exist and have not been fixed.

This was a complete legislatice failure.

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