Huntsville City Schools suck (Tom Scovill)

Happily, the Board of Education election and the campaign’s August surprise are over and we can talk without distraction about how crappy Huntsville City Schools are and what should be done to fix them.

Anyone who has cared to look knows that Huntsville City Schools suck dirty pond water, the water is getting dirtier, and it will still be dirty after the desegregation order is revoked and the case resolved (in the unlikely event that will happen some time in the next 47 years).

Am I wrong? Certainly my favorite talk show host agrees in considerable part based on the elite location of the house he bought just this year.

OK, if I am wrong, then tell me,

What will HCS do after the deseg order is lifted that they are not doing now?

And what will they do then that will not cause a disparate impact and bring yet another suit?

And if those things can be done after deseg, why is it that they are not being done now?

And does anyone on the HCS payroll other than teachers give a flip about all of the students who are not learning today and will not be learning until HCS Superintendent Wardysnski, or whoever is next or after next, pulls the magic rabbit out of his top hat?

Let’s have a reasoned discussion.

by Taxpayer Tom


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