LOSERS: The Dale Jackson slate got destroyed and the media failed us all…

I made my choices, not predictions. Pound away on me.

I lamented the lack of media coverage.

I was right on both counts… Additionally, local media outlets (plural) were confused about how Madison could be both in Madison AND Limestone County. Embarrassing.

The result? Low turnout.

Didn’t matter.

Battle and Finley won and will be the mayors of the area’s largest cities. This is good. Battle must continue his mission and prepare for his run for Governor. Finley must clean up the Fire Chief/Police Chief issues, immediately.

That’s where the good ends for me.

Brad Johnson lost in Madison.

And one of the best men I know, John Meredith, went down to Councilman Will Culver who is ethically challenged and doesn’t pay his taxes.

Now, the biggest shame for all of us, Pam Hill is now going to be a Huntsville Board of Education member. This is an unconscionable failure for TV/print media, they ignore a scandal of her making (a shakedown attempt on a local business) and her bumbling attempt to kill it. They just flat-out ignored it.

With Hill winning and the current BOE President McCaulley losing to Michelle Watkins, the anti-Wardynski faction has two of the five seats. Hill and Watkins will be expected to create chaos and chase Wardynski from the district. Will he stay?

The Huntsville BOE is NOW the place to watch for conflict in North Alabama.

The only question remaining in Huntsville/Madison is created with upstart Devyn Keith making the run-off with long-time councilman Richard Showers.

The media is the big loser here, complete abdication of their responsibilities. Maybe the public just doesn’t care and they are following suit but this is amazing and really sad.

Watching coverage tonight showed me that these local media outlets do not have a clue what is going on. Some didn’t even know Madison and Huntsville went in to Limestone County. How? Most of the coverage consisted of lists of candidates with no context.

I feel like I failed, in a way, I will try to do better but I will try to make others do better too.



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