A crack in the GOP wall in the Alabama senate

Senators Bussman and Brewbaker have bailed out of the GOP caucus in the Alabama senate. With 26 Republicans in the senate, this will not have an impact on the relative power of the party, but there is good reason to be unhappy with senate boss Marsh.

Susan Britt reports,

“[Brewbaker] said that the Caucus’ priorities have made a significant shift since the Republican Supermajority took over in 2010.”

Brewbaker said, “I am still a member of the GOP. I have not left the Party, just the Caucus … It was so important to the Leadership to get a vote on that first lottery bill that they were willing to have Democrats sign the cloture petition to force a vote and that was a terrible bill. I was just astounded by that.”

“Brewbaker said that part of the frustration leading to his resignation had been building over a period of years but the Leadership’s willingness to force his vote on SB11 was something he couldn’t “wrap his head around” so he saw this as his time to exit the Caucus.”

The way I see it the senate is partitioned with very big government Democrats on the left, a statist center not quite into such large government, and a conservative right more embracing of fiscal responsibilty.


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