Reminder: HSV Councilman Will Culver has abused his city council position for personal gain & threatened to sue me

Huntsville City Council and Calhoun Community College, an incestuous relationship leaves a real victim in it’s wake…

Here is a ready-made story for any journalist with the guts to ask some questions…

First here is a nice little timeline for you:

Jan. 8, 2008:   Jeff Mosely began his position as the Criminal Justice Instructor at Calhoun Spring semester, 2008:  Jeff was one of three finalists for the position that included Will Culver before he was elected a Huntsville City Councilman.   Kenny Anderson, Social Science Division Chair at the time, chaired the committee.  Jeff was chosen for the position by President Marilyn Beck after interviewing all three candidates.   It was commonly known that Kenny Anderson wanted his old friend Will Culver to have the position.

August, 2008:   Will Culver is elected as a Huntsville City Councilman

2008:   Calhoun Community College establishes four new positions of Academic Deans.  Kenny Anderson is chosen as the Social Science Dean although he did not have an earned doctorate.

2009 and 2010:   Calhoun Administration seeks State Board of Education approval to purchase land for a new campus in Huntsville.   Opposition emerges from 1. Leaders in the Decatur community,  2. Drake Technical College which was in the process of becoming a Community College and 3. a number of African American leaders in Huntsville.

May 14, 2010:  Jeff Mosley’s contract as a non-tenured Instructor is ‘Non Renewed’ and he is dismissed from the faculty.  This was in spite of the fact that he had received excellent evaluations and no negative reviews.  His colleagues in the Social Science Department at the Decatur Campus and the Huntsville Site were shocked.

A non-tenured teacher has no rights of appeal.

Summer, 2010:   The Criminal Justice Position is re-advertised.   A committee, headed by then Dean Kenny Anderson, selects three finalists that includes now Huntsville City Councilman Will Culver.  President Marilyn Beck chooses Culver for the position.   Many people at Calhoun believed then and now that Jeff Mosley was non-renewed  solely  for the purpose of choosing a powerful African-American Huntsville City Councilman to counter Huntsville area African-American leaders who were opposed to the expansion.   Culver became an outspoken advocate for the expansion.  He traveled with groups to State Board of Education meetings in Montgomery and spoke openly at Calhoun faculty and staff meetings urging faculty and staff to contact Huntsville City leaders.   Many accused him  at the time of ‘double dipping’ and questioned his motives for supporting the expansion.

May, 2012:   Culver, facing re-election, resigns his full-time position at Calhoun.  Was he fearful of making his Calhoun employment an issue in the election?  Was he under pressure for alleged poor classroom performance and negative student reviews of his classes?   Perhaps he would release those student evaluations.

August, 2012:   Culver wins re-election after allegedly having his principal opponent gerrymandered out of his district.   At the insistence of Dean Kenny Anderson, Culver continues teaching part-time at Calhoun despite alleged complaints from students, especially on-line students for being non- responsive.

Spring, 2013:   Dean Kenny Anderson announces he will resign his position at Calhoun to take a position with the City of Huntsville as Multi Cultural Director, replacing Brenda Martin.  Anderson assumes his new position with the City of Huntsville April 29, 2013


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