Huntsville Board Of Education candidate Pam Hill takes the bait, proceeds to out herself as a union thug and a liar…

Oh man, why would Pam Hill lie about her attempted shakedown of a local small business?

Who knows, but she did make a statement this morning on “The Will Anderson Show”.

In the process she said she would not be answering questions, which sounds completely legit…


Her entire hook/defense here is that this was not an issue until 2012 and that no “evidence” has been produced that anyone raised an issue with her behavior in 2012…


That’s a lie.

I shared the pertinent part of the e-mail that raised that question in 2012, I guess she thinks that e-mail is fabricated.

It’s not.

Here it is.

image1 (1)


I already shared this e-mail’s text but apparently that wasn’t enough “evidence”. So there ya go.

Will Pam Hill apologize for lying?

Does she have any integrity?

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