Still More on the August Surprise

Facts not in dispute:

  • Clayton did not want action from the DA.
  • Wardynski took no action after he was messaged by Clayton.

I think that Clayton, quite understandably and appropriately, was in a professional way trying to cover his ethical butt. My favorite talk show host disagrees.

That suggests some questions.

  1. If Clayton was not trying to cover his own ethical butt, why did he contact Wardynski?
  2. What action, if any, did he expect Wardynski to take?
  3. If Clayton did not expect Wardynski to do anything, why did Clayton contact Wardynski?
  4. Did Wardynski have an issue with what Hill did as reported by Clayton?
  5. If so, what issue did Wardynski have?
  6. If Wardynski had an issue with Hill and took no action, given the myriad of possible actions short of prosecution open to an experienced leader,  why did Wardynski do nothing about his issue with Hill?

I hope Glenn Clayton appreciates all of the free publicity. He has acted honorably, an attribute that likely has contributed to the great success of his business enterprise. We most definitely have an August surprise, but there is no reason to expect he did anything to generate it.

 Editor Note: The August Surprise is linked below.

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