Electioneering by Casey Wardynski

August 19, 2016

Executive Director Thomas B. Albritton

Alabama Ethics Commission

P.O. Box 4840, Montgomery, AL 36103-4840


Dear Director Albritton,

I am concerned about Casey Wardynski, superintendent of Huntsville City Schools (HCS), and actions he has taken which may be unethical or criminal, actions which may be inappropriate electioneering by a government employee. Superintendent Wardynski is an employee of the HCS Board of Education.

In providing the information in the message below to radio talk show host Dale Jackson (WVNN, Athens, AL) on or about August 16, 2016, Superintendent Wardynski appears to have made a malicious slander against Pam Hill, a former HCS employee and a candidate for the HCS Board of Education in the municipal election on August 23, 2016. This slander may have an adverse impact on Hill’s election prospects.

Wardynski’s message as reported by Dale Jackson on air and on line:

Regarding your Question Regarding Pam Hill and Appleton


I received your question inquiring why I did not pursue what appeared to be the attempt by Ms. Hill to leverage her position as a teacher with HCS to obtain employment with Appleton.

Shortly after Ms. Hill contacted Appleton, Glenn Clayton contacted me. I felt the matter Mr. Clayton raised with you was very serious and I was prepared to take the matter to the district attorney. At that time, Mr. Clayton asked that I not involve him in pursuing the matter as it could harm his business. Without a witness and a complaint I had no basis to pursue the matter.

Casey Wardynski

Pam Hill was an employee of HCS at the time of the incident reported by Glenn Clayton in 2012.

Dale Jackson posted the Wardynski message as shown at reference 1.

Dale Jackson reported the Clayton complaint as shown at reference 2.

A podcast of Dale Jackson’s on air discussion of the Clayton complaint is at reference 3.

It seems that Wardynski accepted the Clayton complaint as fact. There is no indication that Wardynski investigated to determine the validity of the complaint. There is no indication that Wardynski discussed the complaint with Pam Hill to determine her view of the facts. There is no indication that Wardynski counseled or had a subordinate counsel Pam Hill about conduct that he thought may have been inappropriate.

There is no indication that Wardynski took any action on the complaint except to express his thoughts about the seriousness of the complaint on the Thursday before the election on the following Tuesday.

I believe there is probable cause to conclude that Superintendent Wardynski has engaged in inappropriate electioneering. I trust you will give this matter the serious attention it deserves.


Taxpayer Tom Scovill


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